Bon Vivant is Wishbones ongoing special dinner series.  

Several times a year we offer a particularly exciting evening in the Bon Vivant style. 

December 30th & 31st toast the New Year with a dinner titled "Pagan Delights."   

The menu for this event is presented as an accounting of our surroundings, blessings, and sacrifices of the past year and a little blood letting for the coming year as well. 

Seating is limited and pre-sale tickets are available via email or in person at Wishbone Restaurant.  

Once you have requested a table we will contact you to arrange your booking. 

Tickets are $80 a person and include gratuity.

Special accommodations are easily made for dietary restrictions with appropriate notice 

2019 Bon Vivant Pagan Delights 


Mushrooms & More

A plate of tastes and toasts, fresh things from the dirt. Turnip, radish, mushroom confit, gratuitous herb, alliums galore. 

Gifts From the Salt

A briny broth. Clams & Seeweed.

Hardtak biscuits.  

Blood is Blood 

Tartare, egg yolk, persimmon, pickled mustard 

Goats ala Atriaux 

Goats offered on the solstice, braised in sweet apples, wine & spices. Smoked potato, cured citrus, black garlic. 

Rosemary & Horseradish Salad 

Bitter greens, yesterday's bread & butter, black walnut


Stewed berries, citrus, strained cheese, honey 

CandyCap chocolate truffles