Here in town on Tilted Ranch​​ we put in the farm hours to supply you with our very own grass-fed beef.  Just off Roblar Road you can see our ranch stocked full of Scottish Highland beauties. We raise it up, you eat it up! Offering prime cut steaks and can you say burger? Interested in ground beef or choice cuts? Give us a call & the next time we send a cow in, we'll save you some. 

Green String Farm

Nestled just off Adobe sits a well established Petaluma farm that not only offers veggies to businesses, residents & visitors alike, they also teach a farming class at their green string institute. Each season they knock a new punch, from pomegranates to constant carrots, they know what the heck they're doing. Check them out for a real good time! Tell 'em we said 'what up?'

VISIT  3571 Old Adobe Road Petaluma, CA

Farmers and Ranchers. We join in with old farming families, and new farming foodies to contribute to a rich landscape of new and old traditions. working to FIND the best to make the best. We are old school and we like it that way. 

Live Oak Farm

This young gem of a farm is in the midst of their first season farming 3-4 acres of vegetables & herbs. We get all kinds of goodies from them  including, tomatoes, strawberries, shishito peppers, and greens. They also grow & sell tulsi, chamomile, and angelica. Located over on the west they're working hard to develop what we fondly can call a successful 'agrihood'. 

VISIT 1030 Lohrman Lane Petaluma, CA


Love Family Farm

 Our best friends raise heritage pigs.  And when I say "raise" I mean they LOVE and tend these beauties with the utmost care. They feast on beer and acorns and enjoy beautiful pastures.  Their permaculture principles & free range animals make them #1 in our porky hearts. Thanks Jonah & Tara & all the beautiful farming fairies & farm hands working hard out there. 

VISIT 14685 Morelli Ln Sebastopol, CA