Miriam Donaldson AKA "The Boss" 

Chef & local lush 

Ikashi Wilkins AKA "Good with Knots"

Sous Chef &  annoying perfectionist 

Ranch. / Cook.

Joshua Norwitt & Miriam donaldson do both in Petaluma.  

Wishbone is a group effort, involving family, friends, freaks and workaholics who are in love with sharing our craft. 

Together we cook, grow, age, create & preserve a wealth of food.  

Joshua Norwitt AKA "Toro Rojo"

Rancher, Chef & bossy pants

Wishbone is a pirate crew of about 24 brave souls who show up everyday.  You can see all of our handwork on instragam/ user name : wishbonepetaluma

Here are just a few of the folks who work it real good------>>


Here in town on Tilted Ranch​​ we put in the farm hours to supply you with our very own grass-fed beef.  Just off Roblar Road you can see our ranch stocked full of Scottish Highland beauties. We raise it up, you eat it up! Offering prime cut steaks and can you say burger? Interested in ground beef or choice cuts?  That's music to a farmers ears, please pre-order by calling or emailing.